Welcome to the Squad: New Officer Checklist

The mission at Thin Blue Line of Leadership is to share positive leadership tactics with the field of law enforcement. Positive leadership and creating a positive squad culture begins the moment an officer arrives on the squad.

The world of law enforcement is hectic enough without having to reinvent the wheel every time a new officer gets assigned to the squad. Taking the time to establish a list of items to cover upon arrival promotes consistency, shows positive leadership, and continues the creation of a positive squad culture.

Below are some items to consider when creating a New Officer Checklist. They are in no particular order and each department and/or assignment may have their own specific items that should be included.

  1. Verify the officer knows their current chain of command.
  2. Describe the personalities of their new squad mates, their strengths, and the overall group dynamic.
  3. Go over squad expectations. Describe what a “rock star” looks like and how you plan to provide feedback consistently.
  4. Share any specific district/beat goals, issues, and initiatives that are on-going.
  5. Provide information on who to talk to regarding district resources and equipment.
  6. Ask the new officer about their background, family, strengths, goals, training they are interested in, and areas they would like to improve in.
  7. Ask the new officer what their expectations are of you as their new supervisor.

This list is not one to cram into the new officer’s first shift. Getting through the first 4 basic items will set them up with what they need to know immediately. The last 3 items will set the new officer up for future success.

 Is there anything else you would include in your New Officer Checklist?

Share your thoughts or comments with us below or on our Facebook page. Continue saving the world one call at a time and as always, LEAD ON!


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