Welcome to Thin Blue Line of Leadership

Welcome to the Thin Blue Line of Leadership blog. The Twitter (@tbl_leadership) and WordPress (tblleadership.wordpress.com) accounts associated with Thin Blue Line of Leadership have been created as a conduit to share positive leadership tactics with the field of Law Enforcement.

Law enforcement is an extremely unique career choice and once in it you become part of a very special brother/sister-hood. Only so many people in the world get to see what officers see and do what officers do. A large number of police officers actually come from other careers like education, real estate, military, IT, etc. and eventually are drawn together into a paramilitary organization focused on defending the laws of their particular jurisdiction. Law enforcement leaders must find ways to blend this diversity into a cohesive unit that can serve their community effectively. Depending on the backgrounds from which law enforcement leaders originate, leadership styles within any given organization can vary greatly. Unfortunately, once “on the beat,” there is little to no leadership training available.

There is a ton of great leadership information out there geared towards corporations, entrepreneurs, churches, and personal improvement, but very little written specifically for law enforcement. Various law enforcement websites have leadership articles here and there, but most of what is written is geared towards higher levels in the chain of command – chiefs, assistant chiefs, captains, and commanders. Sharing leadership ideas within law enforcement is further made difficult because the culture is such a tough nut to crack. If you have not been there, seen that, and shared calls with your brothers and sister in uniform, then translating abstract concepts like leadership can come across as phony.

Thin Blue Line of Leadership believes that leading within law enforcement organizations begins by educating and mentoring officers to become the next generation of leaders. This cannot be done through general observation and osmosis. It must be done with purpose and an intentional mindset over an extended amount of time. The sergeant or first-line supervisor of any law enforcement organization has the most direct contact with officers. This puts them in a unique position to create environments that purposely train the next leaders of the organization. How to create an environment conducive to leadership-development, educating officers, and mentoring them is why Thin Blue Line of Leadership is here.

Thin Blue Line of Leadership can be reached at tblleadership@gmail.com for any questions, comments, or suggestions.



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